Organic Essential Oils

Most people have heard about the amazing uses of essential oils. The uses for these natural oils are abundant but it can be difficult to find a trustworthy brand of quality oils at a reasonable price.

I’ve spoken to people who are about using oils but don’t really know where to begin so when I came across Essanté Organics I knew I had to spread the word, in hopes to get more people using natural remedies in their homes.

Why I love, and personally use, these oils:

-They share a “How to” guide with their users which can be found here

-You can find their certifications and seals here, such as GMO free, Gluten Free, USDA Organic, 3rd party Organic verified, greenpeace sourced palm oil, eco- friendly and not tested on animals.

-You can gain life-time access to wholesale prices for just $29.95, a one time fee here , or you can just purchase anything on the site at regular price. *If you plan on purchasing more than 2 oils you’ll already save more than what it costs to gain access to wholesale pricing*

– They ALWAYS have awesome sales. You can find current sales here

Here are my favorite oils and blends:

Breathe Easy                                     Coat of Armor  

Energy                                                 Lavender

Meditate                                             Frankincense

Sweet Dreams                                   Lemon



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