September Beauty Supplies Sales

Good quality beauty supplies are expensive, so thank goodness for awesome sales! One of my absolute favorite NATURAL beauty supply companies is BeautiControl.  Every month they roll out incredible deals on their products. Below are some of my favorite picks from this month’s specials: –SUNLOGICS Sunscreen Lotion – Add a layer of protection to your skin with broad spectrum…

Organic Essential Oils

Most people have heard about the amazing uses of essential oils. The uses for these natural oils are abundant but it can be difficult to find a trustworthy brand of quality oils at a reasonable price. I’ve spoken to people who are about using oils but don’t really know where to begin so when I…

Veterans Call

Looking for an easy, effective way to help the veterans of this country? Install this app and select how much you’d like to donate, for example $5/month. No credit cards, no bank accounts, it’s added to your cell phone bill every month. Click here (mobile only)

Translator Job

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Travel Deals

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Save on Groceries

One of the biggest expenses associated with any household is groceries. Check out the links below for coupons and details on how to get gift cards: Grocery Coupon Network Clip n’ Go Coupons  $100 in beauty samples $250 Grocery Gift Card

Learning to meditate

Learning how to meditate can be a trying task but there is no doubt about the benefits that come with acquiring this skill. Here are some positive attributes of meditating: -Stress reduction -antidepressant & anti-anxiety -improved concentration & attention span -improved self-esteem -improved memory retention -helps manage ADHD -reduces blood pressure -helps prevent arthritis -lessons…

Disney World for cheap

Who doesn’t want to visit Disney World? Click here for the ultimate guide on how to score the best deals and save THOUSANDS on flights, lodging and park tickets!!